All experiments and demonstrations on SmarterThanThat will have to qualify and pass the following requirements:

  1. Home Experiments: The point of the site is to show how an individual, regular person who doesn’t necessarily have access to expensive labs or equipments, can experiment and understand scientific concepts. This means that the experiments and demonstrations done on this site will be using regular equipment you can use at home and will not require any special qualifications.
  2. Replicability: All experiments on this website are meant for you to try them yourselves. This is also part of the scientific method: All experiments must be possible to replicate and repeat.
  3. Explanations: There will be explanations to phenomena shown in the experiments or demonstrations. No experiment will avoid going into the science behind the demonstration, or avoiding an answer. If there is no clear answer, that too will be declared.

If you believe one of the experiments on this website does not reflect the requirements above, please contact me.