The success of this project depends on who sees it. Obviously. I have had the honor of being mentioning in an excellent vlog (The Tank Vodcast! check it out, it’s great). So, in the hopes that it is not the last time, this will be the place to share and show my thanks.

June 16, 2011 – PhysicsBuzz Blog

Fun with Surface Tension

September 23rd 2009 – 356 Days of Astronomy Podcast

September 23rd 2009: Looking for a reason. Why Astronomy?

May 29th 2009 – The Skeptic Zone #32

The Skeptic Zone – The Podcast from Australia for Science and Reason

April 11th 2008 – Tank Vodcast

A Christian Point of View, Australian Skeptics Meeting and Mooeypoo Science

[youtube_video id=”wCXudssPs7M”]

February 29th 2008 – Tank Vodcast

Anonymous Scientology, Who is James Randi and Theatre Superstitions

[youtube_video id=”mgn3ysKBPyU”]