Philip Plait at The Amazing Meeting on January...
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Awesome news came out yesterday about the JREF (James Randi Educational Foundation, that is responsible for The Amazing Meeting, among other things): Phil Plait (“The Bad Astronomer“) is the new President of the JREF! How awesome is that?

Check out the announcement on the Bad Astronomy blog!

Okay, beyond the fact that I have met Phil in TAM6 and he truly is a great guy, he is also an Astronomer, which means that the odds of having a TAM on the moon just increased… Okay, maybe not. But that won’t keep me from hoping.

So lots of luck and “Mazl Tov”, Phil Plait, for the new position! And if I am allowed a moment of pure selfishness: I hope this new (probably time-consuming) position decrease the amount of the quality posts in the Bad Astronomy blog so that I – and the other fans – can keep having quality Astronomy to read. It’s all about me, of course.

So head on the the Bad Astronomy blog and send Phil your congratulations!


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